The best chefs.
The best beach.

...but we're mixing things up.

This is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina — 60 miles of beautiful, sunny beaches, amazing attractions, and more than 2,000 restaurants. With its bevy of outstanding culinary options, The Beach has become a true foodie destination!

Chef Mason Zeglen is a nationally-known chef who has found his home in Myrtle Beach thanks to its southern hospitality, great restaurnats, and blossoming food scene. 

Each episode, Mason will take two local chefs out of their comfort zones by swapping them into each other’s kitchens. Our chefs have no idea where they’re going, what ingredients they’ll have, or what type of dish they’ll cook.

They’ll grab only ONE ingredient to bring with them and have just 60 minutes to make a dish that might earn them their very own Chef Swap knife and major bragging rights.


Chef Mason Zeglen

Mason Zeglen, an acclaimed chef and two-time champion on "Guy's Grocery Games," is a culinary virtuoso with a mission to redefine the way people experience and appreciate food. From winning national competitions like "The Big Brunch" to establishing himself as the owner and executive chef of Milk & Honey Café in Surfside Beach, Zeglen showcases not only his exceptional skills but also a genuine passion for elevating the dining experience.

At Milk & Honey Café, Mason Zeglen crafts a culinary masterpiece with dishes like the soft scrambled toast and his inventive take on the humble potato, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. His meticulous, scientific, and experimental approach to food preparation ensures that each menu item is a delightful surprise, challenging conventions and offering an extraordinary culinary adventure.

Beyond his culinary achievements, Mason Zeglen's journey reflects a resilient spirit and dedication to continuous improvement. Raised in a self-sustainable farming family in Vermont, Zeglen has emerged as a leading figure in the culinary world. His kindness, generosity, and commitment to mentorship not only distinguish him as a chef but also endear him to those who have had the pleasure of experiencing his culinary creations.


Production Notes

Visit Myrtle Beach has partnered with The Workshop Content Studios & Keystone Pictures to develop Chef Swap at The Beach, a new cooking competition television series that will highlight the culinary talents of chefs throughout the Grand Strand.

The show is a production of Beach Easy Media, a media and content initiative of Visit Myrtle Beach (Myrtle Beach Area Convention & Visitors Bureau).  Through the creation of Beach Easy Media, Visit Myrtle Beach is striving to become a leading producer of branded entertainment in the destination marketing space. 

By producing shows that showcase local talent and creators from across the 60 miles of beaches known as The Grand Strand, Beach Easy Media’s mission is to highlight the amazing people, places and attractions of the Myrtle Beach area and let people across the globe know they Belong at The Beach. 

“From beachside spots and fresh seafood markets to international cafes and fine dining, Myrtle Beach is a culinary destination unlike any other with over 2,000 restaurants offering tried-and-true favorites next to innovative new flavors. Partnering with The Workshop Content Studios and Amanda Freitag along with our resident culinary experts of Johanna and Dylan to bring The Beach to a new audience is integral to our efforts in showcasing the Grand Strand’s exciting restaurant scene.”

— Karen Riordan, Visit Myrtle Beach President & CEO
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