Foodies Love

The Beach is where your best self shines. You can let loose and relax, treating yourself to a hard-earned vacation. Here, the table is the best place to bring people together, where sunshine, smiles and good food go hand in hand. That’s why the food scene in Myrtle Beach is different than anywhere else.

Here's Why

It has 2,000+ restaurants.

The Myrtle Beach area is home to over 2,000 restaurants, more restaurants per capita than Paris. Ranging from classic, all-American joints to unique international bistros, your palate will never get bored at The Beach. Myrtle Beach is the spot to sink your teeth in a juicy burger for lunch, and then savor true southern classics for dinner – or whatever you’re in the mood for! If you don’t know where you start, here's a list of 20 Myrtle Beach Restaurants to Try on Your Next Vacation.


There are tons of great food festivals & events.

Festivals in Myrtle Beach celebrate just about every type of food imaginable — from Irish and Italian to Greek and Gullah Geechee. They are a great place to try new dishes that you may never have heard before, such as chicken bog, a locally-famous rice and chicken dish. You can also sample a wide variety of cuisine at events like the World-Famous Blue Crab Festival, the Shrimp & Jazz Festival, the Myrtle Beach Food Truck Festival or the World Championship Chili Cook-Off. Each spring and fall at The Beach bring a bevy of food festivals to choose from almost every weekend. 


You'll experience flavor unlike anywhere else.

The history of the area gives traditions of robust, southern aromas, while new chefs infuse the culinary scene with international and creative flavors. Many restaurants around the Grand Strand offer sustainability sourced products, such as hook-to-plate seafood and farm-to-table produce and meats. In fact, there's so much flavor here that we’ve have a whole show devoted to exploring it all. Featuring Chef Swap judge Johanna Wilson, Finding Our Flavor explores restaurants ranging from historic to up-and-coming to find the heartbeat behind The Beach's food scene.


There's fresh seafood around every corner.

There's a reason The Beach is know as a “Seafood Capital of the World”. Our restaurants serve seafood up in a variety of ways from lightly fried to blackened and every way in between. Here you can find dishes that harken back to the area's roots, where shrimp, blue crab and grouper were staples at every table. Taste shrimp and grits, a local favorite, or dig into the traditional fried seafood with a side of hushpuppies, of course. If you are looking to learn a thing or two about how seafood gets to your plate, watch Chef Swap judge Dylan Foster as he explores the places, faces and tales of Myrtle Beach seafood in his new show, On the Hook.


The views are amazing.

We are The Beach, after all, so you can bet your bottom dollar that we have magnificent views of the ocean, marshes and waterways everywhere you turn. Restaurants across the area are situated right along the water, offering a breathtaking view from almost every seat. Enjoy a nice dinner overlooking the ocean or hang out on a marsh-side patio while beach music floats through the air. While winter at The Beach is mild, many restaurants also offer heaters in their outside spaces so you can enjoy outdoor eating all year long! Sip your favorite beverage and enjoy fresh seafood while overlooking The Beach – there’s nothing like it.

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