Episode 3

Burger Chef Swap Challenge

Air Date: Oct. 15, 2022

Tidal Creek Brewhouse, a Myrtle Beach brewery known for its outstanding food and brews, swaps kitchens with Bonfire Taqueria, a barbecue fusion restaurant in historic downtown Conway, for a Burger Chef Swap Challenge you won't want to miss. Chef Amanda pits Chef Chad Wiers against Chef Darren Smith to see who has the best burger around.


In this episode, we'll find out:

  • Which of these chefs will be able to put their own twist on a burger and walk away with their own chef swap knife?
  • Will Tidal Creek be able to stand the heat in Bonfire’s kitchen?
  • Can Bonfire work under pressure in Tidal Creek’s brewery-centric setup?
  • Will the chefs need a stiff drink after this daunting challenge?
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